pillowcase dress

Well, it's been a month since my last post. Sounds like a confession and it should be. Apart from the usual work and parenting commitments, I have had a bit if a stand-still with printing, down to problems with new photo emulsions, lamps blowing, blah blah blah.  But hopefully now all resolved. I have also been trying to enjoy the sun, gardening and a bit of sewing. My first effort was a really simple pillowcase dress for Hesper. I had seen these online and with a stack of vintage pillowcases that I bought from charity shops, but have never done anything with, I got sewing...and voila:

I also covered a button with the same fabric. The funny thing is while this is a bit big on Hesper (but fine for just running around in), it is the perfect fit for me as a halter top (should I admit to wearing one year old clothes?)... more might be due.

Anyway, back to printing. I have just listed this tee shirt:

The design was taken from some photos of blossom a while back , which I tweaked slightly. This has been printed twice onto a pink tee, in purple and orange. The effect is sort of 3d-ish and I know the photos look like blurry, but that is the design...honest. I have some more ideas ready to print which I hope to share soon.

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