teal tights/spots/stripes

As I said in my last post, I am absolutely not trying to turn my daughter into a mini-me (perish the thought). But there have been times when without even thinking about it, I have dressed us in similar clothes (red plaid shirt & leggings//stripey tee & denim skirt...NO, I am not wearing pastel pink Hello Kitty dresses, nor is she) or accidentally bought us similar items.  For example today, I bought myself three pairs of coloured opaque tights (going through a bit of a teal tight obsession) - New Look bargains: £2.99 and at 3 for 2! I also bought Hesper a pack of woolly tights from Boots. When I got home, I realised the similarity  - not an exact match but teal-aubergine-grey vs.teal-raspberry-purple...hmm. 

My best bargain of the day though is these three bundles of fabric... all at just £1 each from Northampton market. There is about 2 metres of each: a black & white spotty jersey, a blue & white stripe sweatshirt fabric and a lovely black stretch lace (I also have a spot /stripe obsession). My sewing skills are minimal to say the least but I am trying to learn (slowly). I'm thinking of a stretch lace top for me, simple slouchy tops, a spotty pull-on dress/skirt for H. I could always make matching outfits for us both out of the spots/stripes.....No, mustn't!

First task is to find easy patterns/tutorials online. Tempting to start cutting but I have ruined many a piece of lovely fabric by being impatient/scissor-happy/unskilled!

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