birdy skirt

 I'm so pleased with myself! I made this little skirt for H and it's turned out much better than expected! It was made without a pattern - I just used a little denim skirt that she's got as a guide. The best thing about this skirt is that it was made by re-using fabrics I already had. I bought the striped fabric as a 50p bundle ages ago and having already made a top for her, this piece was left over. The cord and buttons I already had in my sewing box (both rescued from unwanted garments), and the fabric for the bird was cut from H's old baby clothes - an old t-shirt and pair of leggings that were a bit too worn to pass on to anyone. 

I recently made her a couple of soft toys out of some of her woolly baby tights as I loved seeing her in them and couldn't bring myself to throw them out - especially as the colours are so nice. I made her a cat and a bunny - pics of these to come. I have all of her old baby clothes stored away, some are too good to throw out or cut up but I'm quite happy to re-use anything else. Some of these clothes I can't bear to throw out and so it's nice to see them around for a bit longer!

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