new year, new look

A New Year and a new logo! I wanted a fresher, cleaner look.... a fox for me ('cos I like them) and I had to get a star in there somewhere for Hesper. I've never been happy before with the "look" of my Etsy store, labels etc but I think this is a keeper and it means I can streamline everything.

I've taken a bit of a break from blogging recently, mainly because I was beginning to lose sight of why I was blogging at all - do I want to blog about my Etsy stuff, my personal life... anything & everything? I get very little time to spend on Hesperoo - making, vintage, photographing or listing items but I spend all of my time thinking and planning. Once the comfy blanket of Christmas was over, I found myself desperate to get back out looking for vintage pieces and furniture to paint. Slowly, these are being done. I only have a few hours a week to myself for all this stuff and my dark Victorian house isn't the best place for photographing anything, but when I can, I will be listing new stock, re-photographing my old stock ... and hopefully blogging a bit! I have also recently created a business page on Facebook (late in the day I know, Facebook has terrified me for so long!), so if you like please check me out there!

\\//\\//\\// Fox + Star graphics sourced from thegraphicsfairy.com \\//\\//\\//

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