mirror, mirror

I'm always drawn to vintage mirrors and seem to have bought quite a few in the short time I've been doing all this. They are something that I always look out for and can't resist, especially if they have ornate frames, convex glass or foxed glass. Here are some I currently have for sale, although the grey painted one is doing a sterling job in my dining room at the moment on my new cabinet, but I must let go!



This last mirror is an old plaster frame which I painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. First, a layer of bluey-green "Provence" and then "Paris Grey" Before dry, I wiped back the grey paint in areas to subtley reveal some of the Provence colour and some of the original gilding. It was accented with dark wax,then finally sealed with clear wax and buffed for a smooth finish. Lovely, here it is in my home:

(I also need to blog about that cabinet!)

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