adventures in screenprinting

I have long harboured a desire to screen print, but always thought it would be too complicated to achieve at home. However, this past year on my maternity leave I spent a lot of time reviewing what I would really like to do creatively. I have a past in photography which for a while I attempted again, creating new images to sell on Etsy but I soon realised my heart wasn't really in this. After years in darkrooms and some little successes with my work, I have felt for a long time that I need another creative outlet. I have also always had a passion for interiors and enrolled on a course some years ago, which I have sadly not completed (or started properly!) due to work and life commitments. So, while my daughter has napped, I have grabbed every spare minute to look online at craft sites and forums, or trying ideas to see what sticks. What has really stuck with me is playing around in Photoshop creating digital patterns and designs from my photographic images. This has lead me to screen printing and from my many hours online I discovered that it is more do-able than originally thought. So, I bought some supplies from Ebay and have set up my shed/studio for this purpose. With other stuff going on in my life, it took me a while to get started and my first attempt was a disaster! But, with helpful online forums this was soon remedied.

my printing set-up

I am going for the photo-emulsion method of burning images onto screens - this way I can use detailed photographic designs. I have created two screens successfully so far, one image of alliums and one of cow parsley. I printed these designs onto t-shirts that me and Hesper had.

My original idea was to print fabric and make my own interior products and accessories, I have lots of ideas for combining photographic images with painted fabrics, appliques, stitching etc. but I am so pleased with these t-shirts that I am now considering clothes too.

  I tried to photograph Hesper modelling hers but this is the best I could get - that girl can move!

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