I haven't found much time to blog lately, now that I am back at work - only part-time but my time is stretched between work, Hesper and everything else. I have been managing to keep up with the screen printing though, albeit in short bursts.  The yellow top that I printed for Hesper with two black alliums on it received lots of compliments which has got me interested in printing baby clothes.  My original interest in screen printing was to produce interior products: cushions, lampshades etc which I still want to do but perhaps I have to leave this until I have more time on my hands to make and sew. I bought a few blank tees to experiment on. My designs so far are derived from photographs, I'm keeping it simple to start with - black and white inks and fabrics. BUT I have ideas for more elaborate designs, but as always it is just a question of time!

This design is called "Farley" which means meadow. One of the names we briefly considered for Hesper!

I'm also going to be printing shopping totes and my own labels/business cards - time allowing. I can actually see me getting to a point where I might actually have some items to sell!

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