Biba gems

Whenever my Mum talks about the clothes she wore in the '60s -'70s, the names Biba and Mary Quant would always come up...so I was excited when House of Fraser reincarnated the Biba brand in their stores last year.  Beautiful as the pieces are, unfortunately my salary is not so beautiful. That was until I discovered the House of Fraser outlet store on Ebay and yes, I have a new obsession! So far I have bought these lovelies:
Black velvet hareem trousers, reduced from £95 to £9!

Grey pinstripe flannel shorts, reduced from £65 to £13!

Okay, my legs are nothing like hers, so mine are strictly autumn-winter over opaque tights only!

I would happily replace the contents of my wardrobe for a few more Biba gems.

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