if you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got!

I have been thinking a lot about interior design lately. This has always been a passion of mine since I was little when I would re-arrange my bedroom furniture constantly, or create miniature room-sets out of cardboard, complete with co-ordinated wallpaper and fabrics! That said, it was not a direction I chose to go in when I was at an age to make these choices, thinking that photography would suit me better. And, although I have had some small successes with photography, it certainly has not worked out as I had hoped. It wasn't until buying my first house with my partner a few years ago that my passion for interior design was fully realised as I became a woman possessed with scrapbooks, magazine cuttings, paint samples... perhaps this was why the photography path had never really worked out for me -  my heart wasn't really in it. So, when I found myself between jobs (one of many spells) I enrolled on an open learning interior design course with KLC, so that I could learn at my own pace. And, I'm ashamed to say that nearly 5 years on I have not even started it properly (despite many abandoned attempts). I just have not been able to undertake it properly whilst working full time and being generally distracted by life. My daughter is nearly 2 now and I hope that I will find it easier to start again as she gets older.

I started screen printing on my maternity leave last year, as a way to keep myself creative and to combine my photographic designs with textiles. I started out with baby clothes, but the intention was always to progress to home wares, which I hope at some point in the future will slot in nicely with my interior design studies (is a design consultancy with my own line in home wares too much to ask for?!)

The relevance of all this is that I started this blog when I began screen printing, as a way to post my designs in progress, new work etc. Fine, but this is not enough to keep me or anyone else interested.  How would anybody know that I am passionate about interior design if I only blog about my latest shop listing?

I need to re-think the way I blog and more importantly WHY I blog.

This blog should be a passion to write and a reflection of all the notes, cuttings and photos I collect of the things that catch my eye and inspire me, whether from interior design, fashion, nature, art....or just the everyday. I know its early days yet, but I hope to make this a blog that I enjoy writing ...and hopefully others will enjoy reading.

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