I printed a lampshade!

 I ordered some natural linen some time ago now from Organic Cotton (which came wrapped in red ribbon with sprigs of lavender!)...

I had a bit of a play with it and printed my alliums design in white ink, which was then made into a lampshade for our dining room. Not obvious from the photo, but the design is repeated randomly around the shade.

I also tried printing with black ink which unfortunately bled terribly whichever design I printed. After posting on printing forums for help, it seems that I need to try printing the black ink (which is not as thick as the white) with a different mesh count. This does mean that for every design I want to print in the future, I will need more than one screen...costly! I may have to stick to printing on cottons for now, shame as I love the look and feel of this linen, but at least I got a lampshade out of it!

I also made Hesper a Christmas stocking out of the linen, which I stamped with red stars and finished with antique lace and red & white ribbon.

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