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I have come to the conclusion that for now, I am going to put my screen printing/Etsy shop on hold... although I do not feel as if I ever really got started with it! I started off about a year ago wanting to screen print & sell my designs on Etsy. I began with with baby/kids tees as a way to print my designs onto textiles. I was returning to work with a one-year old and needed to keep it accessible for myself, so I decided that printing on ready-made garments is easier than printing on items that I also have to sew myself.

My big idea was to eventually include handmade home-wares and accessories, combining screen printing and recycled/vintage fabrics. The vision is still there but I have to accept that it is just not possible for me at the moment. I work three days a week and the rest of the time I am with my two-year old daughter. I do have a workspace which is a converted garden shed, and though it is adequate, it is sill cold in the winter and besides, I rarely get the time to actually go in there and try to create anything!  I know that things would be different if I had a work-room in the house as I could shut myself away and create, returning to ideas without having to pack it all away or leave things for weeks before picking up again. I may feel differently in the summer, when the evenings are longer and it is warmer, otherwise I may have to wait until we can either move, or my daughter is in school...or we win the lottery?!

Anyway, all is not lost. The other great albatross around my neck is the KLC Interior Design course that I enrolled on some ...ooh a few years ago. It is designed to study at home around work/family commitments but I never managed to do it when I was working full-time and certainly not with a baby...not to a standard that I was happy with anyway (I think I'd rather not do something than do it badly).  But as I spend most of my evenings glued to my laptop and even more recently, to Pinterest, this has got my passion for interiors fired up again. I may not have much work of my own to talk about but I can still use this blog to share design finds...which will ultimately help me with my course-work...when I get that room (and time) of my own...

Inspiring work spaces...

All sourced on Pinterest, from top: mintdesignblog.com // heartfish.com // seventhingstowritehomeabout.blogspot.com // scandinavianretreat.blogspot.com // bloomingville.com // 

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