bocky + dink

Here are two characters that I made a little while ago now. I have posted before about making clothes for Hesper out of her old baby clothes as I couldn't bear to part with them. Well, these were the first such things that I made, but for some reason or another didn't think to photograph them at the time!

They were both made from pairs of woolly baby tights... and there was no way I was chucking these out. I do love a colourful, woolly tight! The cat, or "Dink" as I like to call him, from a striped red and royal blue pair. Next came "Bocky" the rabbit, a little bigger than I would have liked but in a lovely lime-green and black. Incidentally, "Bocky" is the word for H's comforter and "Dink" is well, how she says drink. These were her two main words at the time of making and just seemed to stick!

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