shiny happy workroom

 Since I have not done anything really creative (other than make the odd thing for H) for MONTHS, my poor workroom (old shed) has pretty much been left neglected with the door shut all through the winter and wet summer. As it is after all, just an old outbuilding, it does have a bit of a problem with damp and ventilation. Although we did our best to make it useable when we first changed it into a workroom, it needs a bit more constant TLC. After a big clear out of mouldy fabric and old bits of tat, everything was cleaned, treated, sealed, painted and generally made better and brighter.

Instead of the old white walls, I wanted turquoise walls to make it feel more uplifting and calming. It is also supposedly good for creativity!..  and is a good backdrop for the odd splashes of red and orange in the room. We rearranged some cupboards, bought big, sealable boxes and a long table suitable for screen printing and fabric cutting. I love it and want to live in there, looking right across the garden is lovely when the sun is shining, the buddleia is in bloom and H is playing! All I need now is the time to use it...

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