thou shall not take shit

I have left my day job!!!

Last Monday was my last working day. I have dreamt so long about being able to leave, the job has made me feel so frustrated and unhappy and I was starting to believe that I was truly stuck there. After being particularly stressed, we worked out our finances to see if leaving is do-able...and well, I've left now so it will have to be! It also means that my Mum is now freed of her child-minding duties, which was never supposed to be a long term arrangement anyway. I am so excited that I will be able to spend every day with Hesper until she starts school next year. I thought that the only way I would be able to leave was if I won the lottery, but I feel as if I have won it! I get to be with Hesper, I don't have the stress and anxiety that work caused me and now that Hesper is doing two mornings a week at Pe-school, I will get this time to devote to my Etsy shop. The decision really came about by Chris and I deciding once and for all that we need to make ourselves happy now and make the things happen that we really want, otherwise we will end up in (x) years time still unhappy and in the same place. There are many quotes I could choose to illustrate how I feel, so thanks to Pinterest here are a few...

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