vintage finds

As well as selling my handmade textiles, I have for a long time, wanted to sell vintage items and second-hand furniture. Our home is full of second hand, handmade and customised finds - not only because I love transforming things, but because it means that we have unique things in our house which have cost very little to achieve. Now that our house is pretty much full, I often find that when I come across amazing bargains I have to walk away from them...but no more! After much talk, I have finally added vintage items to my Etsy shop. We are also busy working on furniture finds to add in the not-too-distant future. So recently, we have been scouring car boot sales and charity shops sniffing out treasure...

At Potterspury car boot sale, we bought this lovely old wooden folding chair. It needed just a light sand and wax as its aged look is part of its charm.

Chris also sanded the hinge which was heavily rusted. 

This lovely hamper box was only £4. I think I will have to keep this as I often need baskets for storage and this is a good under the bed size.

This lovely box is an "after"photo. Unfortunately, Chris got to it before I had the chance to photograph it "before". It is an old metal deed box. It was painted black and heavily scratched and rusted in parts. Chris sanded and polished it back to the bare metal, leaving behind lovely distressed marks where the rust had been. Lovely!

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