handmade skirts

I felt like a domestic goddess last friday. I baked a cake in the morning, while that was cooking I made a skirt for H - the mauve one from some old fabric I had leftover. We went out, when we came back I "whipped up" another skirt for her (the yellow patchwork one, which was actually a pillowcase). I say "whipped up" like it doesn't involve any swearing at the sewing machine or dropping needles all over the floor... or me shouting "KEEP STILL", which of course it always does. She loves skirts and dresses at the moment though, is she actually becoming a girl?! Apparently they are perfect for bouncing on the sofa in. Sorry about the pics - blurryness down to bouncing, not poor photography skills. honest.

* This is a vintage & handmade child's bureau that we have painted, heavily distressed and waxed. Will be for sale in my Etsy shop soon (eventually)! 

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