salvo fair

On Sunday we headed off to the Salvo Fair at Knebworth. It was a brilliantly sunny day, a beautiful setting and lots of lovely stalls. We weren't looking for anything in particular and knew we probably wouldn't find any real bargains, but lots of gorgeous inspiring stuff. I just wish I had a big house to do up and lots of cash in my pocket! I apologise for the lack of decent photos - they don't really do justice to it all, but I only had my phone on me and the batteries soon died! But good to look around and we had a lovely picnic, making the most of the hot day. Despite the hot weather, this was Hesper's outfit of choice:

Saw these for £8 - thought they'd be good in the bathroom. Forgot to go back...!

Lovely vintage London bus at Knebworth for transporting visitors to playground area.

I love old shop furniture and fittings, like these drawers. If only I had an actual shop to furnish...

My only purchase... I bought six old hessian sacks - used for potatoes, coffee etc, for £1 each Most of them are not that old but are in good enough condition to do something with. This is my favourite though, very worn and musty but the print is still clear. I just like the font and the fact that it has the age and old price on it. It looks like a doormat. The other, newer ones I will probably use to recover our dining room chairs. They've come in use already as a floor cover in my furniture photos, that I'm taking for my Etsy shop:

Knebworth was beautiful, we also visited the gardens with Dinosaur trail (which scared the crap out of Hesper!). We were too hot /tired to go inside the house, though beautiful from the outside. We'll have to go back again one day just for that. 

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