buy, keep, sell

A couple of recent purchases... one sold before I had got around to blogging about it!
Excuse the dismal photos of the first one, taken on a grey day in my dark little house, but if I hadn't taken these, I would have no pics at all:

I found this outside a charity shop, with a pile of manky old plant pots all collecting rain. This caught my eye, it was covered in soil but there was just something about it... and I was right! It has the name "Vetter" underneath and the mark of West German pottery.  I'm used to seeing West German pottery with rich coloured glazes - browns, reds oranges. This had a stone base with a mottled white glaze on top, so it still has the texture of the "Fat Lava" pottery but in clean, neutral colours. It has a lovely, contemporary shape too. It was a good spot, because it sold within days!

This one's the keeper:

I found this in the same shop for £5. I think the frame is plastic and I thought it might look a bit too Disney-ish, but once on the wall I think I get away with it. 

I was thinking about antiquing the glass... will I ruin it? we shall see....

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