Florence painted table

I recently bought a tin of Annie Sloan's Chalkpaint in "Florence", to paint a candelabra with. That project has been put on hold for a bit, so I needed another project to use for the paint. I found this side table in a charity shop. I thought it would be a perfect match for the rich emerald green of Florence!

The table didn't need much preparation, just a light wipe to remove any dust etc. I painted over the table with the chalk paint, painting fairly quickly and liberally. The great thing about this paint is that you can pretty much just "slap it on". I knew I wanted to work dark wax into it for an aged, textured look and so the paint needed to be quite textured to achieve this. Once dried I applied another layer of paint (as some of the dark brown was showing through). Again, I didn't paint too evenly and made sure that there were visible brush strokes for the dark wax to sit in.

Once the paint was completely dry, I sanded some of the paint back for a worn look, then I wiped a layer of Annie Sloan's clear wax all over the table. You can this with a brush (I am coveting one from her own range), but I am using a cloth at the moment - which works fine. With a different cloth, I worked in small amounts of dark wax. I concentrated on a small area at a time so that I could work the wax before it dries. I applied the dark wax in a circular movement, pushing it into the textures of the paint. I then quickly wiped off any excess with a cloth. I did this all over the table, building up the layers of dark wax until I was happy with it.

A final coat of clear wax was applied all over for protection. This was all buffed with a clean cloth to give it a smooth, shiny surface, with none of the "chalkiness" of the paint. It does have the look and feel of an old piece which has accumulated marks and texture over time, which is exactly what I wanted.

I'm really pleased with how it looks and love this colour paint, especially when combined with the dark wax.

This table is available to buy, email me or message me through my Facebook page if you are interested...thank you!

Products used:
Annie Sloan Chalkpaint in "Florence"
Annie Sloan Dark Wax
Annie Sloan Clear Wax
Annie Sloan website here

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