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Don't get me wrong, I love Ikea. I think it's fantastic that nowadays people can completely furnish their homes on a tight budget. BUT, on my last visit, I spotted a rather attractive vivid green dining chair which I was rather surprised to see priced at £100. It was attractive, a lovely green but it was still Ikea, still flat-pack and you would still need at least 4 for most dining tables! My reaction was "Why would you pay £100 for a new Ikea chair when can buy a vintage G-plan one for a fraction of that price?"(Actually, what I probably said was "F***ing Hell, a hundred quid?!") With that in mind, I'm attempting to start a new post finding vintage alternatives to high-street goods. The aim is not to say that Ikea or high-street, or chain stores should be avoided (I do buy new too!), but sometimes the vintage styles that these new designs are emulating, can be found at similar or cheaper prices than the modern versions. They will often have signs of wear which can add to their charm ...and as they have already been around for a few years you can be pretty sure they are made to last! Also, I think sometimes people want to create an eclectic, vintage look in their homes but don't know where to start, hopefully this might help!

So, post No.1: I haven't gone for that green chair, but for this cheaper metal-framed chair. It is only £29, but vintage alternatives are available at similar prices. I found two school chair alternatives from Mayfly Vintage and Nixey and Godfrey:

{1} Korpo chair, Ikea £29
{2} Vintage Stacking School Chairs, Mayflyvintage.co.uk, £20
{3} Vintage French School Chairs, Nixeyandgodfrey.com, £35

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