vintage swap No.2

This is my second attempt at trying to find vintage alternatives to new, chain-store or high-street finds. 
This time I've chosen a large glass vase by Bloomingville, reminiscent of vintage hand-blown bottles. It is a cool blue, 25cm high, 18cm diameter and available at John Lewis for £61. Phew!
My alternatives are both vintage, both on Etsy and both cheaper! They are green glass rather than blue, but they are the real thing! First, is a French Demi-john with a height of 26cm, from Chezvivianne on Etsy. It costs £25 and even with postage costs of £12.25 to UK, it is still a cheaper option. Larger still at 33cm high, this pale green Italian Demijohn from Rusticitalia on Etsy is £35 plus £18 postage to UK, so only slightly cheaper but it is bigger... and vintage!

(By the way, I decided to call this post vintage swap as "Don't buy this..." is a bit harsh!)

Happy vintage-hunting!

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