re-discovering sewing for fun

I haven't done an April-Easter catch-up type post as intended, as it's now May I can't see much point!
So instead, here's a quick sewing post. I feel like I haven't done any sewing-for-fun for ages now and I haven't made anything for Hesper for about a year, I think? Probably because I did make her loads of clothes that she never wears and when I do sew now its for selling, so I decided to try sewing for fun again. I made Hesper a smock dress (more like a top with her betty spaghetti legs).

This was in a mustard coloured knit with black circles - a remnant I picked up for 50p aged ago. She wore it once in  a flurry of excitement and I fear it is now discarded with my other makes as it is not PINK or shiny or associated with anything Disney or Princess. sigh.

My second make is this toy cat, which I made from my trusted "Wee Wonderfuls" book by Hilary Lang.

I followed the Katie Kitty pattern, but made it in organic brown linen instead of felt and I substituted the dress for a ballet skirt+ stripy top combo. I also made her ballet shoes and gave her a little bell around her neck. I couldn't get the face right - I think she looks a bit evil but Hesper is happy enough with her, just the thing for a poorly girl! I really enjoy sewing toys, especially at the last stage when you are free to add any personal details or embellishments. I have lots of ideas for things to make Hesper,  like turning a vintage suitcase into a portable dolls wardrobe complete with dress-up doll and outfits...not sure this will happen but its a nice idea! I'd forgotten how much I love sewing for pleasure, rather than sewing to sell - which can be a bit stressy as I constantly question whether my work is good enough. But I love turning scraps of fabric and trimmings into a new toy, making something personal and unique, especially when it hasn't cost a penny. Free toys...hooray!

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