bird lamp

I want to try and source more vintage/customised lamp bases as a way to display and complement my screen printed shades. This was one recent find, a sweet but dated bird lamp which I had ideas for! As usual, I just got stuck in without taking any before/during after photos except for a couple of rubbishy iphone snaps... I will get my blog looking nice one day, promise. Anyway, here is it before minus dated shade and with a little tester paint that I initially tried:

 ...and here is after, once it had been masked, primed and sprayed with high gloss enamel in a turquoise shade. I specifically wanted a shiny clean look and not a distressed, hand painted effect so I opted for this enamel. It took several even fine coats for a smooth finish, but it is worth doing it in stages to avoid any drips or gloopy bits. The finish is a lovely high shine and the turquoise shade works well with my lampshades that are printed with teal ink.

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