sun dress

WARNING: yukky ebay style photos coming up...

We're off on our holi-bobs soon & I wanted to post this quickly, so again, 'scuse the rubbishy pics. Must try harder.
I've been on the lookout for ages for a vintage sun dress & found some contenders but were either tiny, too big or too pricey. So after discovering how easy shirring is (when I was making an "Elsa" costume for Hesper - need to blog about this at some point!), I decided to apply this technique and make myself a sundress...ta-da:

It was made from some vintage fabric that I forgot I had squirrelled away, but is exactly what I had in mind. I followed this tutorial from Where the Orchids Grow, which is really easy to follow. It basically consists of two measurements, two rectangles of fabric and lots of shirring elastic. Just praying for sunshine now!

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