etsy shop open...hurrah!

I finally managed to open my Etsy shop, with the help of my partner Chris who took charge of our daughter Hesper, so that I could devote all the time I needed to getting things finalised. I'd had some trouble with one of the screens which needed to be reclaimed several times but I got it all done in the end. Okay, so my shop only has 4 items so far, not enough I know (believe me, I do know). But I wanted to make sure that I was happy with what I put into the shop, and would rather have a few things I am happy with then loads that I am so-so about (and I've been there before!). So I have printed baby tees which are all wrapped lovingly in co-ordinated hand-printed cotton bags complete with logo. I also printed smaller logos onto the backs of my garments and made my own swing tags/care labels. Now I'm up and running, it should be easier to create and list more items. It all depends on time and money of course,  but to think one year ago I couldn't even screen print, I am proud of myself for getting this far. 

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