summer leys

We are very lucky to have a little nature reserve just a couple of minutes down the road from us, called Summer Leys. It was once a gravel pit and is now run by the Wildlife Trust as a nature spot perfect for birdwatchers and walkers. When I left work last May, I remember going on a spring walk with H. feeling all full of joy that I had left my hated job. We started walking along the track and I envisioned us coming back with nature trail that I had devised, my head full of ideas that we could do together now that had left work, but she was far more interested in pointing out all the different types of poo...rabbit, sheep, dog. I also hadn't realised how long the circuit is and I ended up carrying her halfway round the two mile walk as she decided to fall asleep just where there was no point turning back. As for today, we decided to go for a last minute walk to get some fresh air. She wanted a picnic but as we'd had lunch our "picnic" consisted of a small tub of smarties left over from her birthday. She was happy with that, along with a game of pooh sticks and plenty of muddy puddles to jump in.

after her pooh stick victory

design inspiration?

lovely colours

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