Charlecote Park

At this time of year, National Trust Properties (some) are just starting to open their doors again. We visited Charlecote Park in Warwickshire on C's birthday on the 14th. It was our first visit there and it was lovely. A beautiful sunny spring day, a grand house, lovely grounds with grazing deer,  cafe, second hand bookshop and general lovely-ness. There is a Victorian Kitchen in an outbuilding, with a big fire/range and two women in costume busy preparing food on a big kitchen table and baking on the fire for you to try!  Despite the fire alarms going off, Hesper nearly weeing on a National Trust carpet and then having a HUGE embarrassing, everyone's-looking-at-us tantrum when it came to leave, it was worth the visit!

proper distressing!

Chalkboards set up in the kitchen for children to try their Victorian handwriting...Hesper chose love hearts instead!

Wall details from the house.

 The laundry...somehow I don't think this would have been quite so bright an tranquil 100 years ago. I really want a wooden airer like this:

 For more info, visit The National trust page here.

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